Friday, August 12, 2022
In BriefMcAvoy reveals best ever insult he received in Scotland

McAvoy reveals best ever insult he received in Scotland

JAMES McAvoy has revealed the best insult he ever received while in his homeland.

The Hollywood actor disclosed the extremely rude remark was delivered by a “wee boy” in his native Glasgow.

McAvoy, speaking to website Buzzfeed, said he was on his way to his first movie role when the youngster compared him with a dog’s genitals.

He said: “The best insult I’ve ever heard in Scotland was directed at me when I was 16 on my first acting job.

“On my way to set, a wee boy in Drumchapel shouted at me: “You’re a f****** whippet’s hard-on”.

McAvoy was at the time filming the 1995 thriller The Near Room alongside Lord of the Rings actor, Andy Serkis.

In the interview McAvoy also confirmed that he is a “true Scotsman” when it comes to wearing kilts.

McAvoy, 37, also said that if he hadn’t made it as an actor he would be working as either a nurse or park ranger.

McAvoy is currently starring in thriller movie, Split where his character suffers from dissociative identity disorder (DID) resulting in him having 23 split personalities.

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