Saturday, August 13, 2022
News"Mental" scooter driver tailgates, undertakes and barges into fast lane

“Mental” scooter driver tailgates, undertakes and barges into fast lane

VIDEO shows a scooter driver dicing with death on a busy road by tailgating, undertaking and needlessly switching lanes – all in the space of a minute.

The reckless rider was caught on a dashcam near Sutton-in-Ashfield, Notts, by Andrew Hollis.

Dressed in black overalls with a blue helmet and dark coloured backpack, the scooter is first seen zooming past at lights and tailgating a car between two lanes of traffic.

On a 50mph road the same scooter suddenly pulls in to the “fast” lane, forcing a vehicle to brake heavily.

Not content with these manouevres, the rider whizzes past a line of moving vehicles on the inside, coming within inches of one of the cars.

Mr Hollis who was returning home from work with his wife on the A38 said he began filming the “arrogant” rider after noticing the scooter’s age and “smell”.

He said: “As he sets off from the lights he gets too close to the car in front, he must be no more than a foot away. The road is clear and he’s really under-powered for any overtaking.

“The next maneuver completely fixed me, he moves into the second lane for no reason and shortens the car behinds braking distance considerably. A very bad driving decision.”

Scooter man then undertakes a long line of traffic at speed

The 39 year-old pallet supervisor continued: “The next bit of footage is completely arrogant and purely bad driving and lane discipline, sneaking up the inside where no one really expects motorcycles to be showed he has no regard for his personal safety.

“He’d be in a van and anything larger’s blind spot.”

“I’m not without fault but have been driving 20 years and posted it to highlight bad driving practice. Bike riders rarely get a second chance.”

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