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NewsCouple's selfie goes viral after pal's EastEnders joke

Couple’s selfie goes viral after pal’s EastEnders joke

A COUPLE’S night out selfie has gone viral after social media users decided they were deadringers for EastEnders’ Phil Mitchell and Shirley Carter.

The pair from Southampton shared the snap on a night out in the city “drinking anything alcoholic”.

Blonde Sally Darley and bald-headed Craig Moylan are side-by-side and both dressed in black.

A friend, Michael Symonds, was struck by the Craig’s physical similarity to alcoholic mechanic Mitchell and also by Sally’s resemblance to Queen Vic barmaid Shirley.


Twitter users compared the pair to EastEnders hard man Phil and his on/off flame Shirley


The joker left photo of the married soap characters under the real couple’s snap and commented: “Phil and Shirley out on the lash!”

The comment went viral after screenshots of the comment were shared by the joker’s daughter, Twitter user Summa Symonds.

She shared a screenshot of the couple’s picture and another of her father’s comment with the caption: “As if my dad commented this on his mate’s photo.”

Since tweeting yesterday (SUN) morning, her post has been retweeted 11,000 times and liked over 35,000 times.


The joker’s comment was retweeted thousands of times


Twitter users have been quick to react to the cheeky comment.

One user wrote: “Can’t get over how accurate the comparison is.”

One commented: “It is actually uncanny.”

One wrote: “As soon as I looked I thought Phil and Shirley.”

Whilst another added: “This is the reason I love social media so much.”

Renowned soap hardman Phil Mitchell, played by Steve McFadden, has starred in the show since 1990 and has been involved in an on-off screen relationship with Shirley, played by Linda Henry, since 2006.

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