Tuesday, August 16, 2022
In BriefRed squirrel creates Trump-style combover with bushy tail

Red squirrel creates Trump-style combover with bushy tail

A HILARIOUS picture shows a red squirrel using its bushy tail to create a Donald Trump-style comb-over.

The squirrel, pictured in Nethy Bridge in the Highlands, has curled its white tail over its head – creating a tribute to the 45th President of the United States.

The image was shared online by photographer Neil Stonehouse and social media users were quick to point out the likeness to Trump.

Will Innes wrote: “Call The White House. Trump’s hair has escaped.”

Credit: Neil Stonehouse

Thomas MacDonald made reference to one of the President’s campaign slogans, saying: “Make squirrels great again.”

Mark Johnston used a Twitter hashtag used by supporters of Hilary Clinton, joking: “#NOTMYSQUIRREL”.

Neil originally posted the picture with a caption saying it looked like Trump but removed the comment after many took offence to it.

But Steve Lewis replied: “If anyone should be offended it should be the poor squirrel. They have quite happily been chomping on nuts and climbing trees, not bothering anyone, then along comes a billionaire businessman and copies their style. Get your own style dude.”

Some users even suggested that the hairstyle was not the only feature that made the squirrel look like Trump.

Julie-Anne McGregor Tindall made reference to a comment made by Trump’s Republican nominee rival Marco Rubio, in which he joked about the President having small hands.

She wrote: “Did someone report a picture of a squirrel looking like ‘Donar Tramp’ with his ridiculous hair, stupid face and tiny rodent hands.”

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