Sunday, July 3, 2022
MultimediaDriver overtakes at red - and gets stuck in roadworks

Driver overtakes at red – and gets stuck in roadworks

A JAW-DROPPING dash cam video shows an idiot driver overtaking at a red light only to get stuck in roadworks seconds later.

The amazing clip shows a silver Mitsubushi Colt fly past the vehicle at the head of the queue and through the red light, forcing a vehicle coming in the opposite direction to take evasive action.

The incident took place in the crowded streets of Inverness with pedestrians and a learner driver nearby.

The lights change to green just a few seconds later and the dash cam car catches up with the reckless motorist in a queue at red lights shortly afterwards.

The man who filmed the 55-second clip can be heard saying: “Look how f****** far you got, you f**.” once he catches up to the driver.

The reckless motorist moves to overtake

Uploaded on to YouTube by shooderz, the title of the video states: “Nutcase driver at Inverness Castle” with the caption “Inverness seems to be full of these eejits!”

As the car filming comes to a stop for the red-light, the small hatchback is seen speeding past and weaving inbetween traffic, forcing an oncoming van to slam on its brakes.

The driver who took the footage can be over-heard swearing as the car speeds off down the street.

The white VW van is forced to slam on the brakes to avoid a collision

Following less than two seconds behind the white van is a learner car exiting the left-hand junction and appears to be unaware of the near miss.

Pedestrians can also be seen walking on either side of the narrow and steep road, inches away from the overtaking vehicle.

Less than 20 seconds after the dangerous manoeuvre, the traffic lights change from red to green.

A learner car is seen pulling out of a junction seconds after the silver hatchback motors past

The driver catches up with the silver Mitsubushi less than 160 metres (515 ft) down the road only to find the car stopped at another set temporary road work traffic lights in a queue of cars.

Joan Caballero commented on the video: “Nutcase. Definitely requires to be brought to the attention of police, due to numerous traffic laws broken and danger to pedestrians and other vehicles as can be seen very clearly.”

A spokeswoman from Police Scotland said: “We will need to look in to this to see if we’ve had any reports made to us.”

The speed limit for the popular tourist street in the Highland capital, according to Highland Council, is 20mph however it is unclear how fast the driver was travelling.


A spokeswoman from the AA said: “This is a shocking disregard for the rules of the road. The driver clearly and deliberately puts themselves (and any passengers they may have), as well as pedestrians and oncoming drivers, in danger.

“They are lucky this did not result in a collision – had it been just a few seconds later, they would have hit the learner driver side-on and they could easily have clipped another vehicle, endangering the nearby pedestrians.

“There is no excuse for this kind of behaviour. Hopefully the driver will be prosecuted – and not just for running the red light.”

The driver is forced to stop just a few hundred feet further down at another set of traffic lights

A spokesman from Brake, the road safety charity, said: “This footage shows the type of reckless driving that can, and regularly does, lead to collisions and deaths on the road.

“Dangerous overtaking is a serious issue on roads in the UK, but thanks to technology we can now have permanent evidence.

“Too many drivers seem to believe that their journey is more important than the safety of other road users, and it is vital that roads police forces are given the resources they need to prevent this dangerous driving behaviour.”

Incredibly, Police Scotland said today (thu) they had no plans to investigate the clip unless the driver who filmed it made a complaint. The force also claimed that the number plate of the car is not “clearly visible”.

A spokeswoman said: “You can appreciate officers have enough going on with reports from people who feel sufficiently concerned to make contact.

“If you do make contact with [shooderz] it would be worth encouraging him to phone the incident in especially if he had someone else in the car with him for corroboration and if he noted the registration plate, as it is not currently clearly visible from the video.”

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