Monday, June 27, 2022
NewsRangers fan gets entire back covered with dodgy club tattoo

Rangers fan gets entire back covered with dodgy club tattoo

A RANGERS supporter has shown his dedication by getting his entire back covered by a ropey club tattoo.

Images of the unknown bluenose’s inking emerged online last night showing it whilst it was being done and the finished result.

The tattoo is of the famous blue gates at Ibrox and the Glasgow club’s crest has been placed in the middle with the words “Simply the Best” written underneath.

Above the crest, there are five stars, to show that Rangers were the first club in the world to reach 50 league titles.


The tattoo is to represent the famous gates at Ibrox


The first image shows the man’s back as the gloved tattoo artist inks the large design onto the Gers fan’s back.

The second picture shows the tattoo after it appears to be finished, with the gates covering his upper back and “Rangers Football Club Ltd” across the top.

However, some Reddit users have been less than impressed with the ink and have slammed it for its “wonky” and “s****y” lines as well as a poor likeness to the real gates.

One user wrote: “Wow those lines are wonky as f**k. That tattoo artist is either very bad at his job or is a mad boozer with the shakes.”


Social media users were less than impressed


One commented: “That’s wild. This guy wanted s****y lines?”

One Ranger fan wrote: “I’m a bluenose but that’s a f*****g shocker.”

Another added: “Shocking tattoo plus getting it done in your living room is the worst thing possible.”

One asked: “Am I going mad or does that says ‘CLUBL’?”

However, a fellow user replied to say: “Club LTD which the actual gates do have on them for some dumb reason. At least that part of this disaster was accurate.”

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