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NewsShocking scenes of squalor filmed 600 yards from First Minister's constituency office

Shocking scenes of squalor filmed 600 yards from First Minister’s constituency office

A SHOCKING video shows scenes of unbelievable squalor in a tenement back court – just over 600 metres from Nicola Sturgeon’s constituency office.

David Cardwell, who grew up in Govanhill, picked up a camera to document the “ghetto and slum-like” conditions in the area.

His film of the back of the tenement in Garturk Street shows rubbish strewn across the grass and discarded toys, chairs and household equipment piled high – just yards from a primary school.

It appears his film shamed the local council into taking action as just three days after uploading the footage the area had been cleaned up.



The mess was cleared up soon after by the council


As David, 48, pans the camera and moves around the area, it becomes clear the rubbish mounds cover the entire space.

An old wooden drawer lies on the ground alongside discarded electronics, an old chair and countless black bin bags.

As he films, David says: “There’s house break-ins, drug use, sh*****g and p*****g, OAPs getting robbed and attacked in their homes, arson, mice, rats and cockroach infestations and prostitution.

“The close is piled high with f*****g rubbish, it’s pitch black and a total health hazard but this is how they’re living. The back court is covered in broken glass and broken bottles.

“It looks as though they’re just launching it out the window. Look at the state of this close. This is what’s happening in Govanhill.”

His footage ends with shots of an abandoned cooking pan and a child’s scooter and images of overturned bins.

Speaking today about the current problems in Govanhill, David said: “I’m emotionally connected to Govanhill and grew up there.



“It’s so frustrating and distressing to see it like this. I have to say that poverty in third world countries is worse but at least they keep their areas clean.

“Here, there’s rats, mice and cockroaches. Nicola Sturgeon is the one with all the power but I think she’s been non-existent here.

“Her office has no signage or information telling locals that’s where she is and anytime she visits, it’s for a staged thing like opening a school or meeting the elderly.

“You never see her meeting the local people. Govanhill is Scotland’s shame. It’s the only area that’s a ghetto and slum-like in the country.”

A spokeswoman for Nicola Sturgeon said: “Nicola is aware of the environmental issues and works hard to tackle them, however, this is a council issue.

“Whilst she can pressurise them, she can’t tell them what to do as she doesn’t have that power.

“Govanhill is certainly on the radar for the SNP and they will be setting out a paper in three weeks time detailing how to tackle these issues.”

A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: “We were notified of the situation at this address late on Friday and it was fully dealt with by Tuesday.

“We completely understand the frustration caused by residents who fail to dispose of their rubbish appropriately.

“If anyone needs support or a service from the council then they should contact us directly.”

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