Car wash firm creates “worst job in Scotland”


A CAR wash firm may have created the worst job in Scotland – standing in the middle of a busy road all day dressed as SpongeBob SquarePants.

The worker stands on a grass reservation at a junction on the 40mph road in Edinburgh to promote nearby Sparkles car wash.

A constant stream of cars, vans and heavy lorries rush past, except during the city’s notorious rush hour when SpongeBob is bathed in exhaust fumes.


The SpongBob impersonator was promoting a nearby car wash


Now images of SpongeBob – complete with his sign reading “Hand car wash. Three pounds” – have sparked concern on social media.

“I’m not sure this is legal,” wrote one. “I hope they like carbon monoxide poisoning, it causes brain damage.”

Another social media fan described the position as: “The worst job in Edinburgh.”

One added: “Lol we just drove past him. He’s still there in the dark. Kind of creepy really.”

Yet another offered SpongeBob advice on salesmanship. “They should work on their moves.



So far I’ve only seen them trudging around the central reservation.”

A regular commuter on Sir Harry Lauder Road, who asked not to be identified, said: “I spotted SpongeBob prancing around for the last week. I just thought, What a crap job, prancing around in the cold like a f***y’.”

A spokesman for AM Motor Company, who run the Sparkles car wash, said: “It’s a new business we’ve started.

“It’s certainly not a health hazard. He’s standing on the central reservation which is about eight or nine metres wide.

“It’s just a way of marketing the business and catching people’s attention.”