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NewsAnger as school appoints full-time detention director

Anger as school appoints full-time detention director

A SCHOOL with a zero tolerance approach to indiscipline has appointed a full-time “detention director” on a salary of up to £35,000.

Michaela Community School in Brent, London, advertised for a candidate who could give out “tough love” to pupils.

They stated that the successful candidate would be a “sergeant major” in the detention room, would ring parents, and be inspirational to students.

The school confirmed today that the position had been filled.


The lucky candidate will earn £35,000 a year


Michaela Community School, which opened in 2014, has come under fire before, after putting pupils in “lunch isolation”, after their parents failed to pay food bills.

The full advert notice for the position read: “Do you like order and discipline? Do you believe in children being obedient every time? Do you believe that allowing children to make excuses is unkind?

“This role isn’t suited to a would-be counsellor or to someone who wants to be every child’s best friend. This role is for someone who believes children need clear, firm discipline. This role is for someone who believes tough love is what children need to become better people and grow into responsible young adults.


The Michaela Community School


“We want someone who will analyse data, organise detentions, line-manage staff, be a sergeant major in the detention room, ring parents, be extremely efficient with time and paperwork, have heart-to-heart conversations with pupils and be inspirational.

“You must also be hard-working, willing to get stuck in and own the job like it is the most important thing in the world to you.”

The job is paid at a salary of 22 to 35k, and offers 14 weeks of holiday per year.

Online, social media users slammed the advertisement of the position.

Neil Barbour wrote: “This is an actual job. I thought this sort of thing went out in the 70’s.”

Nikola Potzas quipped: “Hate kids? Apply today!”

Gill Kilner said: “Are you an absolute monster who shouldn’t be allowed within two miles of a child? Hey! Go work in a school! rolls eyes”.

A spokeswoman for Michaela Community School, which is non-profit-making, independent, and state-funded, said today: “The position has already been filled. We’re not giving statements at this time.”

Last year, it was revealed that the school placed children in “lunch isolation” if their parents didn’t pay for meals.

A parent received a letter from the school in June last year stating: a parent of a pupil received a letter from the school’s deputy head saying: “You are currently £75 overdue. If this full amount is not received within this week your child will be placed in lunch isolation.

“They will receive a sandwich and a piece of fruit only.”

But headteacher Katharine Birbalsingh hit back, saying: “Should we charge a poor single mum twice so she can pay for Jonny just because she has a sense of personal responsibility and Jonny’s mother doesn’t?”

According to its website, the school “brings the values and advantages of a private education to young people of all backgrounds by providing a highly academic curriculum and strong discipline.”

It claims on the Ethos and Values section of its website: “We will enable our pupils to develop the habits of self-discipline. Pupils will appreciate that success needs hard work, however we also ensure that pupils who are struggling to keep up receive the help and support they need to catch up from our teachers.”

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