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NewsLabour's deputy leader refers to Corrie McKeague as "her"

Labour’s deputy leader refers to Corrie McKeague as “her”

THE deputy leader of the Labour Party has been branded an “utter moron” after referring to missing RAF Serviceman Corrie McKeague as a woman.

Tom Watson MP was replying to a letter from a campaigner concerned not enough was being done to find Corrie, who has not been seen since September 24.

But the response from Watson’s office twice refers to “her” disappearance.

Incensed campaigners have branded Mr Watson as “disgusting” for his insensitive and ill-informed reply.

Corrie, 23, from Dunfermline, Fife, went missing on a night out in Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk.

The RAF gunner has not been seen since.


This image of the letter was posted online


A picture of Watson’s response to a request for help was posted by Facebook user Tanya Knapper earlier this month with the Labour MP’s name and signature clearly visible on the back of the letter.

The typed note, written on official parliamentary paper with the House of Commons logo at the top, starts by thanking Tanya for getting in touch.

It then continues: “Although Corrie McKeague is not one of my constituents, I share your concerns about her disappearance.”

It continued: “I note in your correspondence, though, that you believe extra funding is needed to aid the search for Corrie and are unhappy with the criminal investigation to date into her disappearance.”

Tanya commented on her post: “I did think no wonder they’ve not found him if they’re looking for a woman.

“It was quite clear in my letter Corrie is a man too.”

Outraged Facebook users were quick to react to Mr Watson’s glaring error.

Nonna Marzi wrote: “So out of touch. ‘Her’. My god I’m speechless.”

Joanna Rickarby commented: “That’s disgusting. Fancy not even checking who they’re speaking about.”

Emma Cole wrote: “Her? This person clearly knows nothing about the situation. Disgusting.”

Kieron Riddy commented: “What an utter moron.”

Whilst Phyllis Ison added: “And this from the people who are supposed to care about the people.”

Corrie is a senior Aircraftman at RAF Honington, which is ten miles north of Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk where he was last spotted on CCTV.

He is the son of Nicola, from Dunfermline, and Martin McKeague from Cupar, and has two brothers; Darroch and Makeyan McKeague.

His girlfriend, April Oliver, 21, discovered she was pregnant with his child two weeks after he went missing.

Tom Watson became the standard bearer for the campaign to reveal the identities of Westminster MP’s who had committed vile crimes against children.

He made explosive allegations in the House of Commons in 2012 which claimed that there was evidence seized in the 1990s which would prove there was a “widespred paedophile ring” at Westminster.

The claims were subsequently discredited and Watson himself apologised.

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