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NewsDanny MacAsk-fail: stunt legend shows trick that doesn't go to plan

Danny MacAsk-fail: stunt legend shows trick that doesn’t go to plan

LEGENDARY stunt cyclist Danny MacAskill has posted a video showing him having a “moment of madness” while attempting a new trick.

Danny, 31, is known to millions around the world for the breathtaking tricks that he pulls off to perfection.

But in the new “fail” video the Scot isn’t afraid to show the pain and humiliation that goes into trying to create a new stunt.

The one minute video begins with Danny trying out the stunt without his bike.

He tip-toes across the grass before sliding on to the ground sideways to attempt a backwards roll.

He is then seen trying the stunt out on his bike – only to find himself rolling on his back with the bike crashing on top of him.

The Scot, from Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye, can then be seen clutching onto his side while being asked by the cameraman how he felt it went.

Still holding a smile, he responds: “Aww I dunno, my stomach.”

However, this doesn’t stop Danny from attempting the trick over and over again as he’s captured failing the stunt several times.

In the last scene Danny is shown lying with on his front after face planting on the ground before looking to the camera and sarcastically says: “I think it could work.”

His crew are heard erupting into laughter throughout the entire video at the expense of the talented Scot.

The last scene shows Danny’s legs tangled around the bike, with his arms jammed underneath him as he smiles to the camera saying “I think we’re onto something.”

What he was trying to do, still remains a mystery.

Using the hashtags “Weedayout”, “learning”, “ornot”, the pro rider uploaded the clip, writing: “Here’s me having a wee moment of madness in a random field last year trying to work out how to do some kind of trick? for Wee Day Out.”

In less than 24 hours, it has already received almost 280,000 views and hundreds of comments from fans.

Claire McCallum said: “Totally falling with style. Brilliant. Great to see you working how perform your amazing tricks. Always jaw droppingly impressed.”

Ken Austin wrote: “Easy man, don’t hurt yourself getting all twisted up at low speed.”

Nicola Louise said: “I love the persistence this shows.Nice one.”

And Ayangthy Pongen wrote: “Danny I like your crazyness stunt. You are awesome.”

Wee Day Out was released in October last year showing Danny exploring the rural landscape around Edinburgh in a film that set out to capture the fun of riding in the country.

Nail-biting tricks included the biker leaping onto a single train track, turning a hay bale into a giant unicycle, riding over a cottage, and disappearing into a 6ft puddle.

In October 2014, MacAskill released a film titled The Ridge which was also filmed on his home island and shows the superstar cycling along the steep and rocky Cuillin Ridge.

In it’s first five days, the video was viewed a staggering 10 million times on YouTube.

He has earned himself a host of fans in 2009 after releasing a Youtube video of him completing street tricks on his bike.

He gave up his job as a mechanic, and began riding and filming full-time.

In his other videos, he showcases a variety of Scottish landmarks, including Edinburgh Castle, the Forth Road Bridge and the Cruachan Dam.

Street trial riding, which has been described as ‘parkour on a bike’, involves navigating a series of obstacles by performing stunts.

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