Thursday, May 19, 2022
NewsGaggis: iPhone repairer uses microscope to reveal revolting insides of haggis

Gaggis: iPhone repairer uses microscope to reveal revolting insides of haggis

AN iPhone repairer has turned his high-powered microscope on the insides of a haggis – and the results could put you off the dish for life.

The 80 times magnification footage shows close-ups of the fat from a sheep’s heart, lungs and liver.

Andy Fraser decided to examine his haggis on Burns Night and friends said they were glad he showed them the footage after supper.

Youtube: McMicroscopia

The 31-year-old from Dunfermline usually uses the microscope to fix the circuitboards and microchips inside iPhones.

At the start of the short video, Andy firstly zooms in on the haggis’s wrapper, before chopping into the meat itself, and taking a slice to analyse.

What appears is a gross, and transparent jelly like substance, which Andy says is congealed fat.

Next, he spreads the haggis on to the table using a knife, to get a proper view of the oats, which appear similar to giant balls of pus.

He then cooks the haggis in a microwave before viewing it under the microscope again, where it looks darkened, and almost like a thick syrup combined with caramel.

He said: “I did it on Burns Night and it looks quite crazy and gross. I showed friends after and one said to me they are glad they never looked at it before they ate, as they would not want to eat the haggis.”


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