Ed Sheer-van – incredible pic of singer drawn on back of filthy vehicle


INCREDIBLE artwork of Ed Sheeran drawn on the back of a white van in dirt has gone viral after a picture emerged online.

The stunning image of the 25-year-old singer has been carved from the thick muck on the back of a dirty van by an artist known as ‘Ruddy Muddy’, who specialises in van art.

The portrait has caught the attention of social media users who are in disbelief at the fine detail involved.

It’s unclear where the photo of the van was taken however, some Facebook users have reported seeing it near Suffolk, East Anglia.


The artwork stunned Facebook users


The drawing captures an incredible likeness to the Grammy Award winner, who is shown with his guitar over his shoulder and the words of his new song ‘Castle on the Hill’ written below.

A photo of the artistic van was posted on a Facebook page called ‘On the Tools’ yesterday with the caption: “This Ed Sheeran van art is insane.”

The post has already been shared nearly 1,000 times with over 7,200 likes and 630 comments.

The brilliant creation features Sheeran’s face as he holds his guitar over his shoulder. Below his chest, a castle’s outline has been drawn in reference to the singer’s latest single.

The artwork is signed ‘RM’ and written underneath in capital letters is the name ‘Ruddy Muddy’.

Facebook users have been quick to react to the unusual creation.

Stewart Gordon referenced one of the star’s songs and wrote: “You clean me man, I don’t clean you.”

James Mousley wrote: “It beats ‘your wife is this dirty’. Full marks to the artist.”

Mark Finch commented: “Followed it the other day. B**y awesome whoever you are.”

Whilst Aaron Whitehead added: “It’s the most insane thing I’ve ever seen.”