Shocking “Black Mirror” school fight caught on camera


TWO schoolboys have been filmed brutally fist fighting in scenes reminiscent of hit TV show Black Mirror.

A crowd of youngsters are seen filming the vicious scenes from behind a barrier rather like Charlie Brooker’s dystopian vision of the modern world and technology.

The punch-up, thought to have been filmed in Pollok, Glasgow, takes place in a football cage as other youngsters lean over the railings to watch the sickening action unfold.

The pair exchange blows to the head as the large crowd react to the heavy punches before the fight is eventually broken up when another boys jumps in to help his friend.


The sea of youngsters filming the fight on their phones was clear


The fight, uploaded to Facebook, is thought to have taken place on Tuesday and has already been viewed 12,000 times.

The near two-minute clip starts as the two boys, dressed in their school uniform, launch themselves at each other and begin to trade blows to each other’s heads.

The crowd react with shocked noises as the crushing blows are dealt out before one of the boys gains the upperhand, getting the other in a headlock and rapidly punching him in the face.

When they eventually separate, one of the boys has a bloodied nose, before they begin to chase eachother around the pitch like boxers.

Just like Black Mirror predicts, those watching the fight unfold are more concerned about getting their phones out to film it rather than try and break the confrontation up.

The crowd laugh and shout, whilst those filming from inside the cage move closer to follow the fight and get a better angle of the chaos.

The pair once again start to exchange punches as the camera pans round to show a large crowd of schoolchildren watching from outside the railings, as if at a local football match.

A sea of youngsters holding their phones up infront of their face can be seen similarly to scenes from Black Mirror, which predicted people will start to view the world through a screen.

As the baying crowd hold their phones up, a voice can be heard saying: “smash his head in f**k sake.”

The fight eventually ends as another schoolboy jumps in to join the fight and attacks one of the boys before they’re eventually split up.

Black Mirror is a television series written by Charlie Brooker.

It focuses on the dark subject matter and the potential perils technology may have on daily life in the future.

Examples include episodes which suggest one day people may be able to ‘like’ what people say instantly like they do on social media or that they may be able to record everything with a chip in their brain.

One Facebook user reacted to the footage with the words: “The technique, the precision, the beauty.”

Others expressed shock with one commenting: “All those watching and filming should be ashamed of themselves. Remember, one punch can kill.”