Beatles-playing piper’s 116 decibel train performance gets frosty reception


A BAGPIPER got a frosty reception after making a deafening bid to get train passengers to sing along to The Beatles.

Video shows the unidentified musician hitting an estimated 116 decibels – the same as a chainsaw being revved up – as he belted out Yellow Submarine.

Despite Glasgow’s reputation as a party city, the Saturday evening sing-song failed to materialise as most passengers sat stony faced and one man shook his head.

Michelle Andrew, filmed the action at about 11.30pm as she travelled on the Glasgow to East Kilbride service on Saturday.


The passengers weren’t keen on the bagpiper’s train performance


Her 28-second recording starts as the piper, wearing a kilt and black polo shirt emblazoned with the ‘Caledonian Pipe Band’ logo, begins to belt out the 1966 number one.

As Michelle zooms in, the majority of passengers seem to be doing their best to ignore the bagpipe’s high-pitched tones.

One older gentleman continues to read, others chat and look at social media, whilst some simply look away, seemingly in the hope that it will stop soon.



One man can be seen shaking his head and mouthing something to the person sitting across the table from him while giving the piper “daggers”.

However, as the chorus starts, a few travellers clap and nod their heads to the famous tune.

After Michelle posted the clip online, the scenes got a fairly hostile reception.

Robert Bauld wrote: “I’d opt for the waterboarding.”

Likewise, Charlie Murdoch commented: “Sorry but I’d be screaming for them to pipe down.

It’s okay outdoors but not in a confined space. I like the bagpipes but not close to my earhole.”

And Crawford Shepherd added: “I’d ask for a refund.”

Michelle said some of the passengers needed to take “happy pills”.

She said: “Most people were drunk [but] no-one was fighting or arguing, no-one was hurt. Some people need to take some happy pills or something.”

Ann McGilchrist, who watched the clip online, wrote: “Love it. Only in Glasgow.”

Angela Hughes commented: “Gutted I missed the train home last night.”

And Tami Trewern added: “What a laugh! Shame the train was full of people with faces like a slapped arses! Miserable b*****s!”