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NewsDanny MacAskill releases footage of him giving Jack Whitehall a "wee dunt"...

Danny MacAskill releases footage of him giving Jack Whitehall a “wee dunt” on the head

LEGENDARY stunt cyclist Danny MacAskill has posted a video showing him give comedian Jack Whitehall “a wee dunt on the head” when he tries to jump over him on his bike.

Danny, 31, is known to millions around the world for the breathtaking tricks that he pulls off to perfection.

But in this new video, the Scot shows that they don’t always go to plan – or maybe they do.

The 16-second clip was uploaded to his Facebook page on Thursday with the caption: “Gave Jack Whitehall a wee dunt on the head today while out on the bikes… didn’t mean it honest.”


Whitehall was visibly shocked by the “dunt”


The video has already been viewed 270,000 times with a further 6,800 likes.

The recording starts with Danny patiently waiting on his bike as Whitehall sits down on the walkway wearing a white helmet.

Danny tells him: “Don’t move,” as Whitehall begins to speak to camera and says: “I came up BMX-ing with Danny MacAskill.”

As he says “MacAskill”, the Scottish rides comes into shot, leaping over the English funnyman and catching him on the head with his back wheel.

A shocked Whitehall lets out a shriek as laughter can be heard from behind the camera.
Whitehall himself begins to laugh before putting his hands up to his face before Danny cycles back into shot and says: “I meant to do just clip you.”

Danny’s fans have been quick to comment on the video.



Colin MacColl wrote: “Better than my effort, I’d have totalled his knee, maybe his elbow, at a push!”

Jason Clapham commented: “In all fairness he was asked not to move ,but he did lean and that probably made the difference of catching his helmet.”

Whilst Claire Cole added: “A wee dunt? I think not.”

Danny is famous for his nail-biting tricks including leaping onto a single train track, turning a hay bale into a giant unicycle, riding over a cottage, and disappearing into a 6ft puddle.

In October 2014, MacAskill released a film titled The Ridge which was also filmed on his home island and shows the superstar cycling along the steep and rocky Cuillin Ridge.

In its first five days, the video was viewed a staggering 10 million times on YouTube.

He has earned himself a host of fans in 2009 after releasing a Youtube video of him completing street tricks on his bike.

He gave up his job as a mechanic, and began riding and filming full-time.

In his other videos, he showcases a variety of Scottish landmarks, including Edinburgh Castle, the Forth Road Bridge and the Cruachan Dam.

Street trial riding, which has been described as ‘parkour on a bike’, involves navigating a series of obstacles by performing stunts.

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