Thursday, August 11, 2022
NewsTesco left red-faced after condoms placed under 'Children's Health' sign

Tesco left red-faced after condoms placed under ‘Children’s Health’ sign

TESCO have been left red-faced after a shelf of condoms was placed under a ‘Children’s Health’ sign in one of their stores.
The Tesco extra store in Colney Hatch Lane, London, had a row of Durex condoms on the top shelf in an area of the shop meant for children’s medicines.

The condoms, each box locked in a security case, sat above rows of traditional children’s medicines such as Calpol and Nurofen for kids.


Tesco immediately moved the condoms when their mistake was pointed out


After the error was pointed out to them by one shocked customer, the store swiftly moved the condoms to another area of the store.

A photo of the mishap was posted onto Tesco’s Facebook page by Shiri Kraus on Friday with the caption: “Nice one, Tesco.”

Shiri’s photo shows a green and white sign which reads: “Children’s Health” looming large over the assortment of condoms below.

Responding to the post on Facebook, Tesco apologised for the “inappropriate products on the children’s health aisle” and said the matter had been passed to the management team for a full investigation.

A spokeswoman for Tesco said: ““As soon as this mistake was brought to our attention, we moved the products to the correct part of the store.”

It isn’t the first time a major supermarket has been embarrassed by their placement of condoms within stores.

Before Christmas, Waitrose became the butt of online jokes when they positioned condoms i in front of a sign which read: “Merry Christmas from all of us at Waitrose.”

The store later removed the sign from behind the range of festive condoms.


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