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NewsBirthday sign moan hilariously backfires on grumpy gran

Birthday sign moan hilariously backfires on grumpy gran

A GRUMPY Scottish grandmother has been hilariously slapped down after complaining about a happy birthday poster.

A sign wishing ‘Tricia’ a happy 50th birthday had been placed on a fence in Troon, South Ayrshire and left for a week.

This prompted local Alison Donald to post a curmudgeonly Facebook message asking whoever put it there to take it down.

But Alison’s grumble backfired when a new poster was placed next to the “Happy 50th Tricia” sign which very publicly told her to “stop moaning”.


Alison wasn’t happy that the sign had been up for over a week


Alison posted on Facebook page dedicated to Troon to say: “Pet hate moan – to whoever put the banner saying ‘Happy 50th Tricia’ on the fence opposite Deveron Road lights, it’s been there a week now!

“Surely Tricia doesn’t need a constant reminder! The rest of us don’t either! Whoever put it there, time to remove it!”


A second sign appeared soon after Alison’s complaint


However, far from being removed, another sign, written in the same style with black writing on a white sheet, was placed next to it and a photo was uploaded to the same Facebook page with the caption: “Just drove past this.”

The new banner simply said: “Stop moaning Alison.”

The hilarious exchange was spotted by a Twitter user known mononymously as Clodagh, who uploaded a screenshot of Alison’s post and of the new sign with the caption: “Why I love Troon.”

Her funny post has already been retweeted 760 times with over 1,700 likes.

Twitter users were quick to respond.

Euan Webster wrote: “Ladies and gents, my home town, Troon.”

Oliver Reynolds commented: “I used to live in Troon many moons ago.”

Whilst Louise Kennedy saw the funny side and added: “Hahaha.”

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