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NewsJK tells ghoulish fans it's not OK to discuss her RIP

JK tells ghoulish fans it’s not OK to discuss her RIP

JK ROWLING has politely asked fans to stop speculating about how they would mark her demise.

The 51-year-old shared a meme last night created by a follower detailing how Harry Potter fans might act in the future when hearing news that she has died.

The image, which features a photograph of the author, reads: “One day in the middle of my life, the news headlines will read ‘JK Rowling died today.

“My children won’t fully understand why I left the room crying, or why I picked up a book titled, Harry Potter.


JK Rowling wasn’t happy with people speculating about her demise


“Millions will put out old toy wands, cloaks and round rimmed glasses will be dusted off.”

The tweet, which was directed at the author, continued: “Wands lit, they will take to the streets, holding them high. From speakers and phones, ‘Hedwig’s Theme’.

“Hogwarts will come back to life as a new generation is introduced to ‘the boy who lived’.”

After stumbling across the post, the Edinburgh-born writer shared it on Twitter writing: “This is very sweet, but won’t be offended if you untag me when making plans for my death.”

Her message was liked over 36,000 times and received almost 6,000 retweets from wizarding fans.

However, some users were shocked by the morbid post about Rowling, who, according to website, can look forward to at least another 33 years on the planet, taking her to 2050.

Kevin Berthoud ?wrote: “This is so weird, it’s strange to romanticize the reaction to the death of someone who is healthy and well.”

Molly E. Brewer ? said: “oh… that’s… gruesome.”

And Cristina Vee ?wrote: “Lol. Can’t we celebrate her while she’s alive? Not to mention still young.”

However one fellow writer, Jon Teckman, described the meme creators sentiment as a “dream”, writing: “Just remember, there are still 1000’s of struggling writers out here who can only dream of having people

“Tweet about our deaths.”

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