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News"Glass with care." Buckie bottle note causes hilarity online

“Glass with care.” Buckie bottle note causes hilarity online

A PHOTO of Buckfast boxes has gone viral after one Twitter user spotted that they warned people: “Glass with care”.

Jake Sothern uploaded an image of the tonic wine boxes and said it was good to see that the drinks company was giving their customers “fighting instructions”.

The caffeine-fuelled wine is made at Buckfast Abbey in Devon by monks and has a reputation of causing its drinkers to become angry and spark fights.


The advice on the side of the box caused a stir on social media



Jake, who lives in Fife, uploaded his image to Twitter on Tuesday with the caption: “Good to see Buckfast now putting fighting instructions on the boxes.”

His photo shows stacks of the white Buckfast boxes piled high with the famous red logo and image of the Abbey at the bottom.

Above that, written in bold, capital red letters, is the phrase “Glass with care”.

Jake’s tweet has already been retweeted over 1,800 times with a further 4,700 likes.

Twitter users have been quick to react to the unusual advice from Buckfast.

Josh Low wrote: “Directions of use.”

Conor Doherty commented: “Up the Bucky.”

Whilst Eoghan Case added: “Oh mate this has broken me, been too long since I got Bucky blasted.”

Buckfast has a very high caffeine content which some think causes it to act as a stimulant whilst also removing inhibitions in drinkers.

Between 2010 and 2012, Strathclyde Police said Buckfast was mentioned in almost 6,500 crime reports.

Last month, a Scottish youngster was told to stay away from Buckfast after he was sentenced to a community payback order after he repeatedly punched and kicked a man before performing a Nazi salute.

Sheriff Alistair Brown at Dundee Sheriff Court told the 17-year-old: “You would be well advised to stop drinking Buckfast. It has high levels of alcohol and an astronomical level of caffeine. You can’t cope with it. I hope to see you get a grip.”

When delivering his sentence, Sheriff Brown said that of those inside Polmont Young Offenders Institute in Stirling, “43 per cent of their inmates had drunk Buckfast before their offence.”

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