Monday, August 15, 2022
NewsRamsay urges diners to complain about bad food in restaurants

Ramsay urges diners to complain about bad food in restaurants

GORDON Ramsay has advised timid diners on how to complain about bad food – including demanding the manager to pay for the meal.

The famously forthright chef insisted customers are “kings” and said chefs need feedback so they can get better at their jobs.

Ramsay made the comments on Twitter yesterday (WED) after a fan asked: “What do you do if a manager calls you liar when complaining about food?

“I rarely complain because I hate it, now I feel even worse.”

She added: “They made a hand gesture of waving it off. Left my remaining food and cut my losses. Won’t be going back there again.”

The Hell’s Kitchen star immediately responded writing: “Customers are king. Chefs only get better on feedback.

“Ask the Manager to pay for it, then watch his reaction.”

The response was liked over 200 times and received dozens of comments.

One user wrote: “That’s exactly the mentality and how customers are treated in Japan and Korea, which is a good and bad thing at the same time.”

Another said: “Will you come tell my manager and co-workers that? I think they tend to be a little lax on that.”

However, not convinced by Ramsay’s advice, another user wrote: “I don’t know, Chef. I’ve run into a few ‘Master’ chefs who’ve gone ballistic because a customer complained.”

Ramsay also revealed on Twitter he was a fan of Great British Bake Off after one fan said the shows contestants needed his help when cooking Beef Wellington.

He earlier advised one critic to “lighten up” telling them “the sense of humour shop is open” after he was bashed for poking fun at a budding chef’s “missing Asparagus tips”.

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