Wednesday, July 6, 2022
NewsTesco delivery van gets out its depth

Tesco delivery van gets out its depth

TESCO are investigating after one of their delivery vans was spotted half-submerged in a deep ford.

Stewie Leonski took a picture of a Tesco van taking the plunge yesterday (WED) and uploaded it to her Facebook page.

The photo, taken in the village of Shilton, Oxfordshire, captures the moment the van appears to become stuck as it tries to cross a ford.

It is thought the road is safe to drive across when the water is shallow enough, however, the picture shows the van’s rear wheels fully underwater.


The van got stuck in the ford as it tried to cross


Stewie uploaded the image to the Tesco Facebook page with the caption: “Whoops. Hope the delivery wasn’t too late. Shilton in Oxfordshire.”

There are no ripples in the water to show that the blue Tesco van was moving which suggests that the driver may have misjudged the depth of water and the back wheels have become stuck.

The driver can be seen sitting in the front seat wearing a high-visibility vest.

They appear to have their hands off the wheel, looking at their phone, as they wait for help from a recovery vehicle.

A member of the Tesco customer care team replied to Stewie’s post and wrote: “Hi Stewie, thanks for contacting us.

“Oh no! Thanks for letting us know, I’m sure this is in the process of being sorted.”

A Tesco spokesman said: “Our delivery van was slightly delayed from passing through a ford in Shilton, Oxfordshire yesterday.

“The vehicle is once again ready to serve customers and we will make sure the shopping on-board gets to our customers.”

On Monday this week, a Tesco delivery driver was forced to abandon their van after it became stuck in railings.

The van was left in Totterdown, Bristol, after it unsuccessfully tried to turn around in a quiet cul-de-sac.

A spokesman for the supermarket responded after an image of the van was put on Twitter and confirmed that the van had been left and was due to be collected by a recovery team

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