Hilarious clip shows car with brakes wired to the horn


HILARIOUS footage has captured the moment an apprentice’s car brakes were hooked up to his horn by his bosses.

The clip shows the apprentice’s horn sound out every time he brakes at roundabouts and junctions, to the delight of his bosses following in the car behind.

At the start of the clip, which is filmed from the bosses’ dashcam, the tampered Corsa can be heard beeping as it slows down for a roundabout, whilst both men in the car behind start laughing hysterically.

The video was posted by Scottish motor fan Facebook page CarSociety yesterday evening with the caption: “Wired the brake switch into the horn on apprentice’s Corsa”, and has been viewed almost 500,000 times.

It is not clear when or where the clip was filmed, although one of the men in the car speaks with a Merseyside accent.

As the Corsa brakes at a junction, and as he turns right, the man driving can be heard to say: “He’s going the wrong way but it doesn’t matter.”

The same pattern of events occurs several times over the next minute, and the man speaking says: “Just give him a flash and he’ll pull over.”

He adds: “Then we’ll chop it and put him out of his misery.”

As they approach another roundabout, and the horn sounds out again, the man exclaims: “Right, I’ll stop this now. He’s going to go left. I thought that was a police car, I was going to p*** myself. When we get past here give him a flash.”

They then flash the driver, and the Corsa pulls over with its horn screaming, to the shock of a man on the pavement, who waves, presuming he knows him.

The men in the following vehicle begin howling with laughter, one of the men exclaims: “Just look at the pure looks he’s getting!”

Social media users were delighted with the footage.

Erika Bojar wrote: “This is way too good, so funny.”

Rohan Williams said: “How would this work on the drift circuit. Classic.”

Rohan Parrett tagged a friend in the comments and said: “Gonna do this on the Clio before you have it.”

In a Top Gear episode in 2012, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond prank co-presenter James May by connecting his brakes to his horn during an episode filmed in India.