Tuesday, July 5, 2022
NewsHilarity as poster calls missing bird "hand breaded"

Hilarity as poster calls missing bird “hand breaded”

THE owner of a missing cockatiel has been cruelly mocked after describing the bird as “hand breaded”.

Posters asking for information about the bird, called Cluj, have appeared in the Leith area of Edinburgh in recent days.

The poster shows a picture of ‘Cluj’ with the words: “Need help.”


The missing poster sparked hilarity online


It adds: “Our Cockatiel is lost. Is very social and under treatment. He has his partner at home waiting for him.

“His name is Cluj. He is hand breaded and answers back when [you] whistle.”

Unfortunately, a picture of the poster was put on social media with the words: “Lost pet sounds delicious…”

Other Reddit users were quick to pile in at the expense of the missing bird and its owner.

‘Sycamori’ wrote: “I want fried chicken now.”

‘Gwent_nod’ asked: “Did boss man bless it with the burger sauce though?”

‘Stom’ commented: “All I can think is it was lunch inside of 30 minutes, so at least it probably didn’t suffer.”

Whilst ‘Dave’ joked: “Breaded c**k.”

Not all the replies were quite as harsh, with ‘The Duck’ writing: “I feel so bad for the little guy.”

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