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NewsTragic dad's memorial stolen on same day two years running

Tragic dad’s memorial stolen on same day two years running

A GRIEVING daughter has found her father’s memorial plaque stolen on the same day – two years in a row.

Lee McColl, 24, was disgusted when she visited yesterday (Tue) and found the shrine to her dad, Steven, had been dug out of the ground.

The auxiliary nurse found exactly the same distressing scene when she visited the same spot on February 14 last year.

Then, the memorial, near Aberdour Beach in Fife, had been ripped from the ground and stolen with nearby candle lights and cards also destroyed.


The hole in the ground where the plaque stood


Lee and her family replaced the plaque and had it cemented into the ground only for the same thing to happen this year.

Lights and trinkets around the display have been destroyed and pictures show that a gaping hole has been left in the ground with flowers from the display placed inside, where the memorial once stood.

A crowdfunding campaign has now been set up raise funds to purchase a bench in memory of Steven, who died from lung disease in 2014, aged 48.

A picture of the plaque in 2016 show the wooden frame and engraving surrounded by flowers other smaller displays, one of which contains a card which says ‘Dad’ in bold letters.


How the plaque looked before the attack


A picture of the display after the attack shows a hole in the ground where the frame was positioned, whilst the other displays have been ruined and the one reading ‘Dad’ lies broken on the grass.

Incredibly, an attack in exactly the same style has been carried out on the same day this year, with the plaque having been removed and a large hole left in the ground.

The flowers which had been next to the plaque have been placed in the hole and solar lights and a memorial book have been destroyed.

Speaking about the attack on her father’s memorial, Lee said: “Exactly a year ago someone dug up my dad’s plaque.


Steven died in 2014 from lung disease


“We replaced it but when I went down to visit, some horrible person has done it again.

“I don’t know why it keeps happening, it’s disgusting. It’s down by the cliffs near the lighthouse because that’s where my dad wanted his ashes scattered.”

She continued: “We’re absolutely heartbroken. My boyfriend spent a week making the new plaque.

“My dad was really well liked so it makes no sense. He was just a normal guy. Whoever is doing it is just malicious.

“All the ornaments have been broken as well. It’s really devastating.”

A gofundme page has now been set up to try and raise cash to purchase a bench in memory of Lee’s dad.

The post on the page reads: “Sadly, a lot of you will know that the plaque in memory of Steven was removed from Aberdour Beach for the second time

“I’d like to raise money on behalf of the family so they can put a memorial bench at the beach in memory of Steven.

“This has to be bought and fitted through Fife Council and will cost between £800 and £900.

“I’d like to raise as much money as possible to help the family, any donation would be much appreciated. Any additional funds left after the bench is bought will be donated to the British Lung Foundation. Thank you.”

To donate, visit:

A spokeswoman for Police Scotland said: “Police in Dalgety Bay received a report of a theft on Tuesday 14th February.

“This pertains to articles taken from a location in Aberdour. Inquiries into the full circumstances are at an early stage and ongoing.”

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