Saturday, August 13, 2022
News"Like Gandhi's flip flops!" Shamed fans delete tweets after Gordon Ramsay turns...

“Like Gandhi’s flip flops!” Shamed fans delete tweets after Gordon Ramsay turns up the heat

GORDON Ramsay has turned up the heat on Twitter cooking wannabees – telling one fan his steak looked like “Gandhi’s flip flops”.

Ramsay is known for his forthright opinions but his latest comments have been so savage some fans have deleted the original tweets in shame.

The roasting started in the early hours of this morning when Twitter user John Georges sent Ramsay a picture of his overcooked steak, saying: “Rate the level of doneness on this steak from raw to piece of old shoe.”



Ramsay replied: “Gandhi’s flip flops.”

Another user posted a picture of their school dinner, to which Ramsay replied: “Change schools”. They swiftly deleted the image.

Cameron Nicole asked: “How do my empanadas look?”

Ramsay simply said: “Sad.”

He told another user, who quickly deleted their image, that their dish looked like “a tortoise with long legs.”



He called Amy’s Baking Company, an Arizona-based business that featured on an episode of his show Kitchen Nightmares, as “delusional”.

And one user posted a picture of their full “Scottish breakfast”, featuring eggs, beans, bacon and sausage, to which Ramsay brutally said: “Heart attack on a plate”.

The harsh and honest responses received approval amongst fans, who found them hilarious.



Responding to the flip flop comment, Emma Murphy said: “F****** iconic my favourite thing you’ve said.”

Chloe Garden added: “I want him and Kim to shout at me.”

Caroline Moir quipped: “You can take the guy out of Scotland…perfect answer.”

Another user called Tatiana added: “This is why I never send you anything I’ve cooked to rate.”

On Valentine’s Day, Ramsay was equally as brutal with his posts.

Speaking about one woman’s cake, he said: “The tablecloth has more decoration on it!”

He told another aspiring chef that their dish “looked like charcoal.”

When asked on Wednesday, Ramsay said all the posts were written by himself.

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