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NewsBizarre moment Scots strips and goes for "swim" in puddle

Bizarre moment Scots strips and goes for “swim” in puddle

THE bizarre moment a hardy Scot stripped to his boxers and went “swimming” in a freezing puddle has been captured in a hilarious video.

Paul McGrorty, from Bathgate, West Lothian, can be seen stripping before jumping into the large puddle.

Despite the water being only inches deep, he tries out strokes, including front crawl and butterfly, whilst his friends laugh uncontrollably in the background.

At the start of the video, Paul can be seen taking his shirt off, on the side of the town centre street, whilst the man filming the footage laughs.

One of his friends watching the scene describes him as “ripped”, before asking: “Have you done press ups last night?”

Paul strips down to his underwear before lining up on the kerb-side, as if about to perform a dive.

He pauses for several seconds whilst his friends shout at him to “dive in”.

He eventually jumps in and begins splashing about, mimicking breaststroke, backstroke, frontcrawl, and most incredibly, butterfly, all within the tiny puddle.

THE bizarre moment a hardy Scot stripped to his boxers

The video has been viewed 64,000 times since being shared by Paul’s friend Rhys Minnock yesterday afternoon, with the caption “Sunday funday”.

Social media users reacted with delight at the clip.

Robbie Reid wrote: “Heard he just missed out on the 50m butterfly world record. ”

Martin Malone said: “That laddie is f****** bonkers.”

Whilst Shona Gilmour added: “These are my kind of Sunday funday people.”

Greg Patrick quipped: “Looking forward to summer in Scotland?”

Asked why he jumped in the puddle, Paul simply replied: “You ken what it’s like, you see a puddle and you’re in it.”

Rhys added: “Yeah that’s just what we do on Sundays.”

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