Monday, August 8, 2022
NewsAdorable moment animal lover hand feeds field mouse called Mozart

Adorable moment animal lover hand feeds field mouse called Mozart

AN adorable video shows the moment an animal lover managed to hand feed a field mouse that set up home in her garden.
The creatures are normally extremely timid and keep well away from humans but Victoria Burns has managed to befriend the mouse and has even given it a name, Mozart.
The mouse recently took up residence inside a woodpile in her garden in the urban setting of Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire.
Victoria, 47, captured the magical moment Mozart summoned up the courage to dart forward and take a peanut from her hand.
At the start of the amazing video Mozart can be seen poking his head out from the log pile and eyeing up the peanuts.
After a couple of seconds of darting back and forth in the woodpile, he finally creeps out of the darkness and picks up a nut before quickly retreating.
The short clip continues with Mozart inching in and out of the logs picking up the food from Victoria’s hand.
One of Victoria’s stills of Mozart
Towards the end of the clip, the small creature even takes a nibble of Victoria’s finger however she continues to keep her hand steady without flinching.
Originally from South Africa, Victoria moved to Scotland to study photography and regularly snaps the wildlife in her garden including a robin she has named Sam.
She said: “I found Mozart last year.
“I went down to the woodpile to feed Sam the Robin, as I do each evening. Mozart came scurrying out the woodpile and up the tree stump to eat Sam’s food.”
After realising the little mouse was hungry and out of “torpor” – a form of hibernation – Victoria decided to try feeding him.
“He did nibble but he was very gentle. The birds and Mozart know my voice as I always talk softly so they are familiar with me.
“I live in Coatbridge, in the most urban of places, but my back garden is a little
wildlife sanctuary.”

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