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NewsHilarious spoof yoga video goes viral

Hilarious spoof yoga video goes viral

A SPOOF video making fun of the BBC’s Kilted Yoga clip has gone viral.

Last week the BBC’s Facebook page The Social released a video featuring two hunky yoga teachers which has been viewed almost 50 million times.

In response, a slightly less talented and considerably less toned pair of Scotsmen ave released their own version of the video.

The short 1 minute 25 second clip shows Edinburgh tour guides Bill Hill and Cameron Goodall performing their own Scottish yoga-nspired positions.


The spoof video was a hit online


With names such as “Utter numpties”, “Dunderheids” and “Kenspeckle” the two have gone viral, receiving more than 120,000 views and almost 3000 shares on Facebook.

Performing in nothing but kilts and boots, the burly guys perform the unique moves in the tranquil setting of a forrest with peacful music playing in the background.

The original video posted by the BBC, featuring Finlay Wilson, a yoga teacher in Dundee, was tweeted Outlander star Sam Heughan who claimed he’d be up for giving it a try.

Cameron and Bill, who operate the Edinburgh Tour Guide service posted the video after one of their clients requested it.



Posted yesterday evening, the video was captioned: “In response to our many clients’ and friends’ requests: Kilted Tour Guide Yoga”

Appearing in the green tartan kilt, Bill said the pair nearly “froze to death” filming the clip but they weren’t “shrinking violets” when it comes to this sort of thing.

He said: “Shrinking violets don’t do this kinda thing.
“The reason we did it was because I shared the viral video with a former client who is a Norwegian yoga teacher.

“She responded by saying that she hoped that I’d do the same. So we did and nearly froze to death!”

BBC’s The Social Facebook page reacted to the video last night commenting that Finlay Wilson and Tristan Cameron-Harper, the original yoga pair, now have competition.

BBC posted under Edinburgh Tour Guide’s video saying: “Finlay and Tristan, you’ve got competition”

Already receiving well over 140,000 views, hundreds of people have commented on the video, admiring the duos effort.

Katy Twycross said: “Ha ha just woke up and this is the first thing I see on fb. You’ve made my day.”

Netta Maciver wrote: “You are brave! Bloody freezing out there today!”

Karina Natascha Trillo commented: Amazing my dear yogi friend. Can’t stop laughing. You have to start touring the world, you hot shots!”

Heather Anderson said: “Brilliant guys…. absolutely brilliant!!”

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