Remarkable sunset snap turns Jura the Cocker Spaniel into the Lion King


A DOG has been renamed Lion King after its owner’s sunset snap made it look like something out of the Disney classic.

Colin Fridge posted a picture of his pooch, Jura the Cocker Spaniel, at the top of a Scottish mountain during a spectacular sunset.

The snap of a silhouetted Jura makes the dog look remarkably like the King of the Jungle, complete with a shaggy mane.

Colin, from Doune, Stirlingshire, took the picture at the summit of Ben Ledi, Perthshire, on Sunday and posted it on social media.


Jura the spaniel looking remarkably leonine

Gaile Thomson said: “Looks like a scene from the Lion King”

Deborah Foxton commented: “Great shot, Lion King eat your heart out.”

Vicky Grant wrote: “Had to look twice, thought it was a lion as well”

Lauren Kelly said: “Thought this was something out the Lion King!”

The Stirling Council worker said he was shocked by people’s reaction to the photo.

He said: “It’s quite nuts. I posted it not really thinking about it too much but then people started commenting thinking she was lion.”

He added: “Jura loves standing on the highest point at the summit but it can be tricky to photograph her.

“It was a bit of chance that she was looking in the direction she was.

“I like to get a photo of at the top of every summit, and usually I’ll take my camera stand but if it’s too windy then I’ll just take a photo of Jura instead.”

Colin has bagged every Munro and is now tackling all the Corbetts – peaks over 2,500ft but below 3,000ft – with Jura, three. The dog has already bagged more than 50 Corbetts.