Sunday, August 14, 2022
Business‘Secret’ Property Experts Have Designs On New Business Success

‘Secret’ Property Experts Have Designs On New Business Success

A TRIO of interior designers are launching a new service – after being labelled the property world’s best-kept secret.

Grant Property Interior Designers
Grant Property Interior Designers

Lynne Muirson, Samantha Curran and Nadine Robb work with Grant Property where they have built up an enviable track record providing interior design services to the firm’s investors and landlords, completing more than 120 refurbishments in the past year alone.

Now their skills are being made available to other developers, with a particular focus on providing bespoke packages for developers student properties and high-end show homes.

The breakout, from in-house service to wider market offering is the latest innovation from Grant Property, which has grown steadily since it was founded over 20 years ago. It now employs more than 100 people across the UK, with its headquarters in Edinburgh’s West End.

Lynne Muirson, Property Sales Services Manager, is part of the interior design team. Along with colleagues Samantha Curran and Nadine Robb, Lynne is thrilled to be leading the launch of the lucrative new business service.

Lynne said: “We completed 122 interior design projects for our own clients in the past year, each of them adding long-term value to investment properties that benefit landlords and tenants alike.

“Nobody knew about us outside of the firm and people would joke that we were the best kept secret in the property business. That inspired us to take what we are doing and offer it more widely.”

The heart of their success is an impressive design flair and the team are experts in revitalising the type of Georgian and Victorian properties; the hallmark of the Grant Property portfolio. While accentuating and celebrating period features, they create stylish, contemporary living spaces.

The team also achieve a rare balance between beauty and budget, delivering their design successes within tight deadlines as part of the Grant Property drive to achieve the best possible rental incomes.

While period homes are a particular specialism, the team can transform any kind of rental property – and their design credentials are matched by their project management skills, which sees them handle everything from providing fabric swatches to commissioning trades experts.

Lynne added: “As a team, we share real passion for what we do. Every day challenges us creatively, while also keeping us focused on delivering value – and doing so on time and on budget.

“The range of our work has covered everything from creating smart-yet-durable flats aimed at students, to upscale, high-end makeovers for luxury properties. Responses from investors, landlords and tenants are universally positive, so we know we have an excellent formula.

“We make the whole experience easy for the client from the moment we listen to their brief.  The service is bespoke and tailored to each property.

“Consistently the feedback we receive is that, as a team we ‘just get it’. That comes from being part of a company with over 20 years’ experience and an emphasis on delivery.  Certainly, being part of Grant Property keeps us focused on creating comfortable and attractive accommodation that will achieve the best possible rental income.”

As part of its ambitions to become one of the leading design experts in the field, the Grant Property team is now approaching developers across the country. The firm believes its property know-how and track record in delivering projects to strict deadlines and budgets will prove extremely attractive.

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