Friday, August 12, 2022
NewsWonky traffic signs inspires Pythonesque silly walk

Wonky traffic signs inspires Pythonesque silly walk

A VIDEO captures the hilarious moment a joker mimics a wonky pedestrian crossing signal – and produces something straight out of Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks.

In the 5-second clip, a man crossing the road bends his body sideways in order to match a green man light at a pedestrian crossing, which has been knocked off kilter.

At the start of the clip, filmed in Edinburgh, the camera zooms in on a set of lights at the crossing, which shows the green man light has been knocked, so it appears he is walking sideways.

The camera then cuts to a man crossing the road, who has bent his body into a very unnatural position, to mimic the light.

Other pedestrians can be seen crossing the road normally, and barely batting an eyelid at the man’s bizarre movements.

It is thought that the clip was recorded last year outside Edinburgh University, but it was posted on to a global Reddit page yesterday with the caption “Law-abiding citizen”, and received 36,000 upvotes, and hundreds of comments.

User betweenthebars24 said: “Must be at the Ministry of Silly Walks.”

Lostyogi added: “At 11pm when the pubs close that is how everyone walks home.”

Another user, known as CommaHorror, referenced the pedestrians who were not obeying the green light, and said: “Somebody arrest that girl in the pink.”

Craigbart said: “He’s just following instructions.”

One user quipped: “You guys laugh, but when I worked in law enforcement I would have written everyone a ticket that didn’t walk like him. Rules are rules, people. We got ’em for a reason.”

Similar footage capturing hilarious walks have gone viral in the past.

Back in 2014, a Swedish art group installed a sign, inspired by the Ministry Of Silly Walks, in the little Norwegian town of Ørje.

The sign showed a man high-stepping across a pedestrian crossing and encouraged various passers-by to copy the images.

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