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NewsAnger as retired Premier League ref taunts Celtic fans

Anger as retired Premier League ref taunts Celtic fans

A FORMER English Premier League referee faced a Twitter backlash after taking a dig at Celtic fans following yesterday’s Old Firm match.

Former whistler Jeff Winter, a Rangers fan, tweeted an image of the Celtic players applauding their fans following the final whistle despite sections of the stand already being empty.

The 61-year-old, who retired in 2004, angered Hoops fans in 2010 when he called their former player Aiden McGeady a “cheating b*****d” and in 2012, police raided his home following alleged anti-Catholic remarks made on his website.

Winter captioned the picture he posted on Twitter: “Just home. Celtic milk applause of fanatical fans in lap of honour after taking point off world’s most successful team.”


The former Premier League ref sparked controversy


The snap shows the Celtic stars and manager Brendan Rodgers walking round the pitch to applaud their fans despite some having already left and others queueing to leave the stadium.

His tweet has already been retweeted over 200 times with over 500 likes.

Celtic fans were quick to respond with their own comments.

Kerrin Dow wrote: “Haha the rage makes me laugh.”

Fran O’Connor referred to Rangers recent problems and commented: “Lol, how old is this team?”

Whilst another user shared a mocked-up x-ray image directed at Winter which features a tiny brain.

Winter also later shared a tweet from a user known as Junior Bhoy which read: “Rangers died 2012. No dignity in debt, dodged paying taxes to queen and country. Stole proceeds of charity game.”

Winter quoted the tweet and added: “Ha ha, took a long time to get a bite. Bye bye, good night.”

The ex-ref gained support for his tweet from some Rangers supporters.

Loyal 1 wrote: “Reel them in Jeff.”

RFClove commented: “Love it ha ha.”

Whilst Zack Greenock added: “Jeff is only telling the truth.”

In 2010, following an Old Firm game, Winter came under fire for comments made on his website about Irish winger Aiden McGeady.

He wrote: “Lee McCulloch was unwise to launch himself into a challenge having already been booked but the cheating b*****d McGeady did not help matters by deliberately going to ground without any contact being made.”

And in 2012, police officers seized equipment from Mr Winter’s home in Middlesbrough over alleged anti-Catholic remarks on his website after an Old Firm game.

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