Sunday, August 14, 2022
NewsForth Road Bridge closed in both directions after lorry overturns

Forth Road Bridge closed in both directions after lorry overturns

THE Forth Road Bridge is closed in both directions after a lorry trailer blew over in high winds.

The bridge was initially closed in the northbound direction after the lorry toppled at around 2.30pm today.

But was closed in both directions less than half an hour later, after fears it could be blown on to the southbound carriageway.

The bridge was closed to high sided vehicles, cars with trailers, caravans, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians from 11.20am this morning.

Road users have been voicing their frustration at the lorry driver for ignoring the warning.

This incident comes just two months after a different lorry overturned whilst travelling over the bridge in high winds.

Credit: Fife Jammer Locations

Traffic Scotland tweeted just before 3pm today to tell road users about the incident.

They said: “Overturned lorry at the Forth Road Bridge. Northbound closed. Traffic is still moving southbound at present.”

Just over 30 minutes later, they tweeted to tell drivers that the bridge was closed in both directions.

They wrote: “Forth Road Bridge closed. Northbound back to M90 Spur. Southbound back to M90 J2 Masterton.”

Road users replied to the tweets expressing their anger.

Andy McAulay said: “How many more idiotic lorry drivers will ignore the signs and drive onto the bridge when they shouldn’t. So angry.”

Ali Alison added: “Not again? Was chaos the last time. Hope the driver loses his license for failing to stop. No excuse as plenty of warning.”

Steven Campbell quipped: “It’s time lorry drivers who cause these closures were dealt with by being lobbed off the bridge.”

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said: “Police in Fife are in attendance on the Forth Road Bridge after a high-sided vehicle overturned on the northbound carriageway.

“The incident happened around 14.50 pm on Tuesday 14th March. As a result the bridge is closed in both directions and will be for some time to allow recovery of the vehicle.

“Warning signs were in place prohibiting high-sided vehicles from crossing the bridge due to high winds.

“Inquiries are on-going into the full circumstances. Police are advising motorists to avoid the bridge and find an alternative route.”

A spokesman for Amey, the company responsible for managing the Forth Road Bridge, said “An articulated lorry ignored signs warning that the bridge was closed to high-sided vehicles and was blown over on the northbound carriageway.

“Our team is on site assessing the situation and the lorry will be removed as soon as it is safe to do so.”

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