Shocked driver films deadly undertaking duel on packed M1

SHOCKING dashcam footage shows two reckless drivers ducking in and out of traffic as they try to block each other on a packed motorway.
The disturbing road rage incident is accompanied by a brilliant commentary from the motorist who filmed the incident who asks: “What are these two co**s playing at?”
The deadly dual was filmed on the M1 in Northamptonshire which as well as being very congested is also affected by roadworks.
Despite that, the two drivers repeatedly undertake and pull out in front of one another, in a bizarre battle to hog the outside lane of the carriageway.
At the start of the clip, filmed on the cam of a car in the inside lane, a silver Mercedes can be seen in the outside lane of the motorway, with a Peugeot and a Kia close behind.
The Peugeot then moves in to the middle lane and undertakes both vehicles before pulling back in to the outside lane in front of the Mercedes.
The Peugot undertakes

Then, in retaliation, the Mercedes speeds right up and goes right into the inside lane, undertaking a van, before pulling right in front of the Peugeot, back on the outside.

The dashcam driver states: “Shaking his fists, there we go, road rage, here we go, here we go, it’s started.”
Not to be outdone, the Peugeot moves to undertake again, but the Mercedes pulls out in to the middle lane to block the maneouvre.
The Peugot pulls in close in front of the silver Merc to make a point
As the Peugeot moves back to the outside, the Mercedes mimics the move, blocking the overtake again.
At this point, the dashcam driver is left aghast, saying: “What are these two co**s playing at?”
The Peugeot eventually moves into inside lane to pass, but the Mercedes again mirrors this, to block again, to which the dashcam driver says: “Oh, he’s cutting him up now.”
Both cars move into the distance, and the clip becomes slightly unclear, but the commentary continues: “He’s coming out and he’s coming back out, f******* idiots. You’re a risk to everyone on the f****** road.”
The incident was filmed on March 2, and uploaded by Youtube user elsmeghead, who filmed the footage, last week with the caption: “M1 ROAD RAGE”.
Users on Youtube were quick to debate who was in the wrong for the incident.
Corin Marston said: “To be fair the Mercedes is the t***….the Peugeot did no wrong other than undertake a lane hogger.”
The silver Merc disappears behind slow lane traffic as it undertakes the van to try to get ahead of the Peugot
Michael Gill hit back by saying: “…apart from exceeding the speed limit which the Mercedes and Kia where both adhering too.”
Corin then replied: “Still doesn’t give the right for the Mercedes to stay in the outside lane when the lane to the inside of it was clear.”
Morgan Jones wrote: “I’d probably have done the exact same as the Peugeot. It’s a safer manoeuvre than tailgating and just making more congestion. Peugeot was only making progress.”
John Bidwell added: “Stupid driving all round. The speed limit at this section is 50mph while they upgrade to ‘smart motorway’ and the Merc was probably in cruise at that speed.
The Merc swings wildly into the slow lane anticipating the Peugot’s move
Peugeot decides that this is too slow and the Merc is being an a-hole for blocking lane 3.
What happens next makes them both look like complete d***.”
A spokeswoman for Northamptonshire Police said the incident did not appear on their logs.