Sir Chris leg presses seven times his own weight in amazing training video-Scottish News


SIR Chris Hoy has shared an amazing training video showing him lifting 650kg – with his massive thighs.

The six-time Olympic gold medal winner recorded the astounding clip in 2012 when he was still competing.

The clip shows Sir Chris leg pressing an immense load which includes team mate Ross Edgar.

The load is equivalent to a Smart Car, a large horse, or seven Chris Hoys.

And yet Sir Chris manages to push the load four times before reaching his limit.

The now retired 40-year-old captioned the impressive clip: “Looking through some old files this evening and found a #legpress video from 2012. Friends don’t let friends miss leg day”.

The video begins with Edgar climbing on top of the weights and Sir Chris sitting with his legs against a metal panel.

Music can be heard in the background as the he begins the first push, letting out a huge puff of air.

The cycling star showed off his impressive leg strength- Scottish News
The cycling star showed off his impressive leg strength

The athlete can be seen turning increasingly red as he continues the lift the huge load of weight for another three reps.

However, the now retired champion concedes defeat as he attempts to push his colleague and the weight for a fifth time.

Cycling fans were left astonished after viewing the clip on Instagram.

celgey wrote: “So that’s what you need to do to get thighs like Chris Hoy”

murray_wells said: “what an absolute weapon!”

jaystar1978 commented: “Impressive, takes some kind of dedication to get legs like that, you are an absolute beast on the leg press”

ashaaleeeee replied: “That’s mental!”