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NewsHilarious moment cop crashes group chat with selfie

Hilarious moment cop crashes group chat with selfie

A POLICE officer has gone viral after sending a selfie into a group chat whilst helping their friend get home.

Lawrence Court was on a night out with friends in Cardiff when one of his group had a little bit too much to drink and was refused entry to a nightclub.

His friend Cameron, decided to cut his losses and head home after being turned away but was picked up by police officers on his stumble home.

Too drunk to remember where he stayed, the police decided to hijack the group chat on his phone and ask his friends where he stayed.

To prove it wasn’t a windup, the officer sent a selfie into the chat and even changed Cameron’s name in it to: “Such a VIP he had a police escort.”


The police officer sent in a selfie to prove who he was


Lawrence, a Human Geography student at Cardiff University shared screenshots of the chat, including the police selfie, on Twitter on Tuesday with the caption: “So last night the police interrupted our group chat in the most spectacular way.”

His post has already been retweeted 18,000 times with a further 60,000 likes and countless comments.

The first screenshot shows the initial message from the police which read: “Hello, it’s the police on Cameron’s phone.


The officer’s selfie went viral


“He is very drunk and we are dropping him home. He does not know what number Woodville Road he lives on.”

Cameron’s friends respond with his house number before the police respond to say thanks and write: “We will get him home safe now. Don’t forget to thank your friendly neighbourhood officers at Cathays station.”

However, some on the chat grow suspicious and ask why they would ask that on the group chat with one member writing: “I call b******t.”

However, to prove it was legitimate, the police officer sent in a selfie of him in the van dressed in uniform. He had also changed Cameron’s name to: “Such a VIP he has a police escort.”

Before one of the group responds: “F**k me dead, it’s legit.”

Speaking today about the unusual group chat intruder, Lawrence said: “My friend had a few too many drinks before a night out and was refused entry.

“On his stumble home he was found by the police who couldn’t communicate with him so resorted to using his phone to find where he lives.

“The rest as on the photos, is history. I’m just impressed with the police force for taking him home and using their initiative to find the address. The police can get some stick but this shows another side to them.”

Twitter users were quick to react Lawrence’s Twitter post.

Meliodas wrote: “Without a doubt, you sir, have made my year.”

Asaad Qureshi commented: “Who needs uni when you’re famous lol?”

Whilst Brad added: “Unreal.”

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