Domino’s discipline driver who let tot stand on back seat of delivery car


A DOMINO’S driver has been disciplined after driving in a company vehicle with an unrestrained young child looking out of the back window.

A shocking picture shows the youngster – reckoned to be aged about four – standing up on the back seat.

Helen Walsh took the snap in Birmingham’s Alum Rock Road on Sunday afternoon.

She posted the image on Domino’s Facebook page, asking: “Is this what you pay drivers for?


The child was clearly visible standing on the back seats


“It’s totally disgusting how he let’s a child sit in car without a seat belt.

“If he had to emergency stop that child would have gone through window screen.”

Helen added: “Why have passengers in the car anyway? Surely it’s a company car for deliveries only.

“I think you as a company should investigate this further.”

Helen’s photo shows the white Toyota Aygo emblazoned with the Domino’s logo and other signs promoting their latest offers.

A young child can be clearly seen through the back windscreen, appearing to stand on the backseat and looking out the rear window, holding only onto the headrests for support.

Fellow Facebook users were quick to react to the shocking photo. Ryan Chambers wrote: “You have all you need to sort this outrageous behaviour.”

Whilst Katie Pemberton commented: “You’re so passionate about it because you’re a brilliant mum. Unfortunately people like this go under the radar.”

Louise Butler, a spokeswoman for Domino’s said: “Our people are expected to drive responsibly at all times in accordance with Domino’s safe driving policy, training, and UK highway law.

“Whilst some franchisees allow colleagues to use branded cars out of hours, this incident is clearly wholly unacceptable and we have spoken to the individual in question to take appropriate disciplinary action.”