Trans woman dances with mayo bottles and sandals attached to breasts in “empowering” video-Viral Video News


A TRANSGENDER woman has released two eye-popping “empowering” videos in which she dangles household items from her breasts.

Melissa Ede, 54, has uploaded videos of her dancing with bottles of mayonnaise and sandals hanging from her breasts which she says helps bring “laughter and joy” to people.

Born Leslie Laurence Ede, she transitioned ten years ago and now the transgender taxi driver from Hull gains millions of views on her Facebook page thanks to her bizarre videos.

Transwoman dances with items attached to breasts in two empowering videos-Viral Video News
Melissa wants to make people happy

Melissa, who has appeared on the Jeremy Kyle show and Judge Rinder, has become an internet sensation for the videos which she films in her kitchen.

Posting on Monday, Melissa shared a video of her titled: “Is this the correct way to wear crocs?”

The clip has been viewed over 5.5 million times and attracted hundreds of comments.

In it she wears a red skirt and headscarf but is naked from the waist up with just a pair of pink crocs sandals attached to her breasts with tape and string.

During the 30-second-clip, she dances in a Bollywood style to music whilst waving a red handkerchief with her right hand.

She thrusts towards the camera and twists and turns to the music before ending by saying: “I think that’s what they mean.”

On Tuesday, she shared another video called: “Mayo or salad cream ? You decide.”

Again, the clip has gone viral with thousands of views and countless comments as Melissa stands in her kitchen wearing just gold, sparkly hotpants with two bottles of mayonnaise dangling from her breasts with blue tape to cover her nipples.

As she jigs about, she sings: “Mayo, mayo, Mel’s got mayo do you really want some?”

Halfway through the clip, one of the bottles of Mayo falls from her left breast but undeterred, she holds a banana out in front of her and says: “Come and ride on my banana with me, you know you really want to.”

They clip ends as she blows a kiss into the camera and says: “May your weekend be really good.”

Speaking about the videos, Melissa said: “It doesn’t matter who you are, life is about having fun.

“I get a lot of hate but I also get loads of positivity off people. You sit back and realise you’re helping people and empowering them.

“It doesn’t matter who you are, young, old or whatever, you can just be yourself. If I can stand up in front of millions as trans and not give a damn, then others can see that and be the same way.

“I’m just bringing laughter to people and it’s all good fun.”