Thursday, June 30, 2022
NewsBannatyne rants at easyJet after sharing flight with 185 passengers - and...

Bannatyne rants at easyJet after sharing flight with 185 passengers – and one loo

DUNCAN Bannatyne has hit out at easyJet after being stuck on a three hour flight with almost 200 passengers – and only one working toilet.

The business mogul was flying from London Gatwick to Faro in Portugal where he has a holiday home yesterday when he discovered only one loo was in use.

Along with approximately 185 passengers, the 68-year-old was left furious asked staff: “How do they get off with it?”


The star wasn’t happy with the service


He revealed his predicament after taking to the company’s Twitter page to complain about the flight – which costs on average £200.

He wrote: “Three hour flight to Faro on easyJet flight has another broken toilet at front. How do they get off with it?”

An easyJet customer service immediately responded, writing: “Hi Duncan. Sorry to hear that.

“Can you please share with us the number of the flight so as to investigate? Thank you. Catarina.”

The former Dragons’ Den star replied: “EZY8929. Just landed Faro. Full plane one toilet.”
Despite the issue, he added: “Staff were great though.”

Dozens of social media users took to the post surprised that Bannatyne even used the budget airline.

Colin Mackay wrote: “EasyJet – you’re either having a laugh, hit hard times or just ‘slumming it’ and seeing how the other half live.”

Tim Lowe? said: “Easyjet, living with us paupers. Well done #respect.”

John Kernaghan? wrote: “You get what you pay for…”

And David Aitken? said: “Duncan I would say that is not allowed got to have two toilets working. Cheap airline. Report it. Not acceptable.”

Another user, Richard Garrety, suggested: “Bedpan for Duncan.”

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