Wednesday, May 18, 2022
NewsDramatic video shows huge wildfire raging feet from "Road to the Isles"

Dramatic video shows huge wildfire raging feet from “Road to the Isles”

DRAMATIC video shows a huge wildfire raging just feet from a road that carries thousands of tourists to the Highlands each year.

The night-time footage of the “Road to the Isles” shows a vast area of heather blazing with flames and smoking rising into the sky.

The inferno has crept right up to the edge of the A830 which connects Fort William with Mallaig.


The wildfire raged just feet from a busy road in the highlands


The local who filmed the fire claimed the flames were burning over a five mile-long front after a controlled heather burn got out of control.

Temperatures in the area were around nine degrees centigrade but there been little rain lately and winds between 5-10mph that would have fanned the flames.

Gary Lennon from Arisaig was on his way home from work yesterday (tues) and stopped to film the scene.

The 29 year-old train driver posted on social media: “Looks like the burning of the heather has got a bit out of hand tonight.

“Viewed on the drive home from work. Started at Polnish and still going at Arisaig. Fire brigade in attendance.”



He said today: “I was a bit shocked at how close to the road it was and how far it was stretching.

“I don’t know when or where it started and can’t say how tall the flames were but the fire was spread for about five miles.”

Viewers Sue Elizabeth wrote: “This looks like a scene from where I reside in South Australia. Fires are heart stoppingly awful no matter where you are.”

Margaret H Sullivan responded: “Looks like the wild fires that are burning across the Texas panhandle and Oklahoma.”

Stephanie Paterson replied: “Be very careful when that close! Fires can jump very quickly. I live in Reno, Nevada where we experience them yearly. Stay safe!”

Langia Lybrook commented: “Stay safe all. I live in California and fires are bad news. And very unhealthy to breathe”

Dave Brunton said: “We had a taste of this in Alberta last year with the Ft. McMurray wildfire. Home there are not too many residences in the area.”

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