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Struck off – teacher who called kid “fanny” and bought gig tickets while pupils used machinery

A TEACHER has been struck off after he called a student a “fanny”.
Craig Cochrane also wrote online “sod teaching” before adding that the main priority of the day was getting tickets for stoner band Queens of the Stone Age.
Youngsters at Dunfermline High, Fife, were operating machinery while Mr Cochrane used a school computer to purchase the tickets.
Craig Cochrane was removed from the register for two years
And the technology and design teacher failed to intervene when one pupil called a classmate a “paedo”.
Mr Cochrane appeared before the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) earlier this month.
The teacher, who is believed to be 31, was found by the GTCS to have used “inappropriate language when speaking to a pupil and in particular you did say, ‘oh you fanny’.”
He was also found to have posted on Facebook the same year, 2013: “Sod teaching, today is about securing tickets to Queens of the Stone Age on Saturday.”
The GTCS found that Mr Cochrane used a school computer during a class to buy the tickets.
Mr Cochrane admitted that some of his pupils were using “machinery and tools” while he booked the tickets.
In addition, on 28 November 2013 the teacher was found to have grabbed a pupil by the clothing, pinching his neck.
Mr Cochrane denied the charge that he failed to stop S3 pupils as they branded a classmate “the paedo”.
He also denied making reference to the pupil by saying: “It’s not my fault you got into bother for going into a toilet with a wee boy.”
But the GTCS said they found the charges proved.
The GTCS deemed that Mr Cochrane’s actions had fallen well below the expected standards that a teacher should uphold and that he is unfit to teach.
The decision read: “As the panel considered that the respondent had not and could not currently remedy the conduct, the panel was of the view that the risk of reoccurrence was high.
“The panel considered that the public interest required a finding of unfitness to teach.
“This was to protect the public and pupils from reoccurrence of conduct of the type described in the complaint.
“Accordingly, for the reasons set out above, the panel determined that the respondent’s conduct falls significantly short of the standards expected of a registered teacher and that he is therefore unfit to teach.”

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