Hilarious moment Scotsman is pranked with fake scratchcard caught on camera


THE HILARIOUS moment a Scotsman is duped into thinking he’s won £250,000 on a scratchcard has been caught on camera.

The stunned reaction of Glasgow council worker known as “Wee Jimsy” has gone viral after his friends tricked him with the fake card.

The funny clip has been viewed over 30,000 times and catches the delight on his face as he thinks he’s scooped the quarter million jackpot.

However, the footage ends with a look of dejection etched across his face as he realises he’s not actually won any money.


Friends tricked “wee Jimsy” into thinking he’d won a life changing sum of money


The two-minute clip was shared on Facebook on Friday night by Barry Mcelhinney with the caption: “So we just got a guy in work, wee Jimsy, with one of those fake lottery tickets. His reaction is absolutely priceless. Can everybody please share this?”

It’s already been viewed 33,000 times with over 500 likes and a further 181 comments.

The recording starts as ‘Wee Jimsy’ scratches the card on top of a blue bin before turning to the camera and saying: “No way, no way.”

He then says: “I’ve just won two hundred and fifty grand mate,” as some of his colleagues come closer to have a further inspection.

In disbelief, he shows the ticket to others nearby and says: “No word of a lie, that’s a winner, in my head, in my heart. Find a crown to win, it’s right there mate.”



He then says: “I’m actually going to be sick,” as he struggles to believe he’s won.

There’s then laughter from behind the camera and a man’s voice can be heard saying: “We’ll have to tell him.”

‘Wee Jimsy’ is then told: “It’s a fake ticket mate,” as his face drops before he says: “That’s bad man.”

Facebook users were quick to react to the hilarious footage.

David Mclachlan wrote: “Quality lol.”

Johnny Craig commented: “That was a f*****g belter man.”

Whilst Stuart Tuthill added: “What a laugh, he fell for it big time.”