Hilarious video captures moment 26-tonne lorry becomes stuck on 2ft bollard


HILARIOUS footage has captured the moment a 26-tonne bin lorry became hopelessly stuck – on a two foot bollard.

In the clip, captured in Exeter, Devon, the driver of the lorry appears to get his 4 foot wheels stuck on, and eventually burst, by the tiny concrete bollard.

The vehicle was in such a helpless state that it had to be winched free.


The lorry couldn’t move when it became lodged on the bollard


The driver was found in the predicament after taking a corner too tightly, and becoming lodged on the pavement, with two wheels either side of the post.

At the start of the footage, taken on the city’s Marsh Barton trading estate, the vehicle can be seen pulling forward, but its back wheel becomes stuck on a bollard on the pavement.

The driver reverse forwards and backwards, trying to edge off the obstacle, but to no avail, as it remains strong.

On one attempt, the vehicle’s middle wheel is lifted off the ground, and when it comes back down to ground, it appears to be going flat.



The video has gone viral online, after being shared by local man Ian Hopkins, who uploaded it with the caption: “Seen this guy earlier on Marsh Barton, I thought I was having a bad day.”

He later added: “I was getting fuel and as he pulled out of the garage. He cut the corner and drove over the bollard.”

It has now been viewed over 700,000 times and shared close to 5,000 times.
Viewers have found the clip hilarious.

Adrian Jobling quipped: “Driver definitely having a bad day!”

Joseph Page joked: “Lol not so bad was just a scrape.”

Paul Mitchell wrote: “Should get oùt and see what’s going on.”

Paul Weston said: “That’s why you shouldn’t cut corners.”

Refuse Vehicle Solutions, who own the vehicle said: “This vehicle was actually on hire to a company in Devon.

“He came round the corner at too tight an angle and got stuck.

“They had to get a racker in to come and winch the vehicle off the bollard.

“We haven’t had the incident reported so we believe they will have fixed any damage.”