“Your top’s on fire!” Hilarious moment flaming shot goes painfully wrong


HILARIOUS footage has captured the moment a Scotsman’s attempt to take a flaming shot of alcohol goes painfully wrong.

The short clip sees the man attempt to take the fiery shot only to reel back when it touches his mouth and sets the front of his polo shirt on fire.

The man then quickly places the shot glass on the kitchen worktop as he screws up his face in pain, only for it to cause part of the surface to catch fire.

The five-second-clip was uploaded to Twitter by user Dylan Gallacher who lists Antonshill, Falkirk as his location on his profile page.


The Scotsman was visibly shocked by the shot


He tweeted the video with the caption: “May have set Callum’s house on fire.”

The crazy clip has already received over 5,800 retweets and a further 15,780 likes with many more comments.

The video starts as the seemingly brave Scotsman holds the shot glass, which is emblazoned with a saltire, and begins to move it towards his mouth.

He then grimaces as the heat reaches him before he jolts his head backwards and looks back at the shot glass in stunned amazement.


The kitchen worktop looked like it caught fire


The front of his polo shirt catches fire as some of the alcohol spills before he quickly puts the shot glass down on the nearby kitchen counter.

The counter appears to catch fire as one of his friends can be heard shouting: “Your top’s on fire,” before the footage ends as a voice his heard saying: “F**k me.”

Twitter users have been quick to react to the shot mishap.

Fern Wilkin wrote: “Is it bad i’m laughing at this.”

Caitlin Barclay commented: “Hahaha if this doesn’t cheer you up, I don’t know what will.”

Whilst Rachel Smith added: “Me whenever I try something remotely outside of my comfort zone.”