Sunday, August 14, 2022
NewsMoment motorway driver bombards fast lane hogger with loo roll

Moment motorway driver bombards fast lane hogger with loo roll

A BIZARRE video has captured the moment a frustrated motorist bombarded a motorway fast lane hogger with loo roll.

At the start of the footage, filmed on the M3 near Farnborough, Hampshire, last Wednesday, all cars are travelling at around 50mph, due to roadworks and a lane closure.

A black estate vehicle can be seen ahead of the dash cam vehicle, in the first lane of the motorway, whilst a black Ford Mondeo is in the outside lane.

Seemingly frustrated at the Mondeo for going at a low speed in the outside lane, the estate vehicle pulls into lane two, and the driver hurls a full roll of toilet paper at it from the window.

The estate then veers left into the first lane and speeds off ahead, as the roll bounces of the car and unravels.

The clip was uploaded to Facebook by driver Luke Cresswell with the caption: “No idea what this idiot’s problem was.

“Two objects thrown from the car in lane 2 at the Mondeo ahead of me.”

Only one object can be seen being thrown in the footage.

Luke said: “I didn’t see any signs of road rage from either car beforehand.

“The car that threw the objects – there was a smaller object thrown shortly before the toilet roll – left at the next junction shortly afterwards, and the Mondeo continued on the M3 past the junction.”

Facebook users reacted with a mixture of shock and hilarity at the footage.

Credit: Luke Cresswell

Stephen Porter said: “The guy was a n** for throwing things but I suspect his annoyance with the other driver was that he’d moved to an overtaking lane but wasn’t overtaking.”

Rob Bates simply added: “He needed a poo”.

Daniel Lippiatt crudely wrote: “Perhaps the guy in the Mondeo was a manual fornicator (without swearing) and the nice guy in the Omega wanted to give him some cleaning material. That or he was probably on his phone.”

A spokesman for the AA condemned the footage.

He said: “This might be just drivers having a laugh but driving is serious business, there’s not time for a laugh.

“What if the toilet roll had missed its target and become unravelled across the windscreen of another car?

“It could be a practical joke but practical jokes have a habit of backfiring when you’re behind the wheel of a vehicle.”

Hampshire Constabulary said the incident was not recorded on their systems.

The video comes just a month after another bizarre video showed two motorists hurling rubbish at each other as they approached the Forth Road Bridge near Edinburgh.

The clip opens with a silver Volvo in the left lane drawing level with a silver

BMW in the right lane. The Volvo driver can be seen hurling an object through the passenger window of the BMW.

The BMW driver draws level and opens up with his own broadside, hurling an object in a perfect arc through the driver’s side window of the Volvo.

Speaking about the footage, a spokesman for Scotland’s Worst Drivers said: “The behaviour shown by the drivers and passengers in this clip is concerning.

“Although not travelling at speed their actions still posed a potential danger to themselves and other motorists on a busy road.”

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