Monday, July 4, 2022
NewsTory council candidate ridiculed after election leaflet printed upside down

Tory council candidate ridiculed after election leaflet printed upside down

A COUNCIL election candidate has been ridiculed online after all the pictures in his leaflet were printed upside down.

One picture in the leaflet appear to show youngsters plummeting to their deaths after receieving exam results, instead of jumping for joy.

Another shows a graph demonstrating how the Conservatives have invested heavily in public highways, but because the graph is upside down, it actually shows spending decreasing.

A third tries to show the Conservatives’ record in the area, but it is unreadable because the text is back to front and upside down.


The graphs were the wrong way round


The leaflet is said to have been sent out by Mike Swanton, a candidate for Melksham Central, in Wiltshire.

Images of the unfortunate leaflets have been posted about by various users on Facebook and Twitter.

One Twitter user, Sam Schäfer, posted an image of the leaflet with the caption: “Do not vote for this nonsense t***.”

He added: “The whole thing is collated wrongly so half of it is upside down when you open it up.

“But the big thing is then all the pictures are upside down! The graphs now plummet to the ground showing their record.


This photo was upside down


“And the gem of this Conservative election leaflet? All these young people plummeting to their deaths.”

On Facebook, a user called Chailey Illman said: “Working in the print industry I just cannot understand how that is even possible to do.

“Getting the WHOLE of one side backwards would be difficult enough, but getting the photos in backwards and upside down is an incredible feat.”

And Arran Corlett added: “Politicians and computers. Just no. Don’t do it. What’s worse is when the thing has spelling mistakes that your cat wouldn’t make.”

A spokesman for Wiltshire Conservatives said: “This was an embarassing printing error on our behalf which we are going to rectify.

“We’re withdrawing what we have not yet delivered and will be sending out the correct leaflets.”

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