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Martin Boyle reflects on the ‘carnage’ that followed Hibs Scottish Cup win – and insists he fancies another crack at it


AFTER parading the Scottish Cup to 150,000 fans on the streets of Edinburgh, passing out on John McGinn’s floor and embarking on the mother of all pub crawls, Martin Boyle knows last season’s wild trophy celebrations will be hard to top.

However, he is willing to give it a go.

Boyle had the honour of being the last man standing as Hibs’ Scottish Cup heroes marked the end of the 114-year hoodoo with a bender that lasted for days, spanning an open-top bus tour, house parties and a civic reception at the Edinburgh City Chambers.

Boyle gave fans a taste of the festivities on Twitter last May (Original Pics: Twitter @MartinBoyle9)

While his teammates were sleeping off their hangovers he was still delighting punters by posing for pictures in the bars of Leith, sporting a pair of blacked out sunglasses to hide the damage of several days out on the lash.

He describes it as “carnage”, but would love to embark on a sequel this summer.

Boyle smiled: “I think everyone gave it a good go last year, myself included. It was a memorable time and I think we milked it a wee bit. There were a few parties that went on for days, fans were taking days off work. It was carnage.

“But to actually do it and see the thousands that turned up on the Sunday was crazy.

“Then [John] McGinn’s house was a riot. I think there were eleven boys on his living room floor. I don’t think boys went home to their missus’ or anything like that – I think mine is still wondering where I got to. I was one of the ones on the floor, I always get bullied.

“What would celebrations be like if we did it again? Crap! No, I’m joking – it would probably be equally good. We’d probably just do it all again, which would be brilliant.

“But we have a tough task on Saturday before we can think about that. Aberdeen have a really good manager and a really good set of players. It should be a cracker.”

Boyle afforded an insight into the life of a Scottish Cup hero – not an overstatement, given the desire of Hibs fans to finally end the ‘curse’ of failing to win it since 1902 – and admits is constantly forced to shun offers of free food and drink around the city.

He smiled: “They do offer if I ever go out. I go out with my girlfriend, Rachel, and you even get people trying to buy us meals and stuff.

“I don’t know how Dave (Gray) feels, he must get it all the time after scoring the winner. It is quite surreal, but it makes you feel good and it helps other people enjoy the moment.

“They have backed us all so to finally help them get their hands on it is a great feeling.”

And Boyle is adamant there will be no inferiority complex from the Hibs camp as they seek to take another step towards retaining the trophy – against an Aberdeen side who look likely to be crowned the best of the rest in the top flight this term.

He added: “We’re not going to stand down, we’re not scared of playing them. We know what we have got here and we have nothing to lose. I’m sure we can pass the ball about, get into some real good spaces and have a right go at them.”

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