Jogger finds dog in city park with deliberate burns to back


HORRIFYING pictures show an abandoned dog with patches of fur missing where it had been burned.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier was also left with severely bloodshot eyes as a result of being kicked and punched in the head.

It is not known how the dog, which was found in a park in Derby, was burned but animal rescuers said it appeared “something had been chucked on its back”.

Despite the pain and distress it has suffered, there is good news for the pooch as it will be given a new home by the jogger who discovered it yesterday.


The dog was brutally attacked


The dog was discovered in a bush in the city’s Darley Park by the early morning jogger and passed to local dog service, Crowfoot Kennels Dog Rescue.

The rescue centre will now look after and help nurse the dog back to health.

Posting on their Facebook page, Crowfoot Kennels shared images of the injured dog with the caption: “This poor dog has been picked up today and has been taken straight to the vets.

“It had some really nasty injuries. The vets think it has had something chucked down its back and it has severely burned it in patches and the hair may not grow back.

“They are also thinking it has been kicked or punched in the face resulting in it having a very swollen black eye.


The pooch had burns to its back and badly bloodshot eyes


“The vets have given it antibiotics, pain relief and eye drops. They are going to monitor its burns and swollen black eye.

“It got to go to the vets everyday until it starts to improve. This dog is so sweet natured considering what it has been though these last couple of days.”

Karen Gregory, who runs the Crowfoot Kennels Dog Rescue said: “It’s such a good natured dog.


The runner who found the dog in the hedge wants to offer it a home


“We’re not sure how it was burned but we’ll keep it here until it’s healed and back to health.

“The jogger who found it is wanting to give the dog a home but there’s daily vet visits to be done before then so that the eye and other injuries can properly heal.”

Seeing the post on social media, Joanne Circuit wrote: “Wouldn’t you just love these sickos to be strung up by the balls and have the same done to them. Do you think they would behave so tough and clever then?”

Mary Betteridge commented: “It’s absolutely shocking that someone could be so cruel to a defenceless animal. Scum of the earth.”

Whilst Maureen Arnold added: “Pure evil. Hope they get the same treatment one day and their minuscule brain makes them realise how this poor defenceless animal felt.”