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ScotRail under fire after offer of £1 refund to grandmother left £52 out of pocket

SCOTRAIL have come under fire after offering a 68-year-old grandmother a measly £1 refund despite her being left over £50 out of pocket due to a cancelled train.

Janet Lee had enjoyed a day in Glasgow with her daughter Claire but was left “stranded” in the city when the ScotRail service she’d planned to travel home on was cancelled.

Having already paid £12 for her return ticket back to Bathgate, West Lothian, Janet was forced to fork out a further £40 on a taxi to get her home.

However, despite her costly trip, Janet and her daughter were dismayed to receive a “rail travel voucher” for the value of just £1 in compensation for her travel troubles.


The value of the voucher was just £1 – not even half of a fare between Waverley and Haymarket


ScotRail themselves have claimed that a claim of just £1.50 was made however Janet’s family have dismissed this as “ridiculous”.

Janet’s other daughter, Yvonne, posted on the ScotRail Facebook page last Saturday to complain about the miserly sum offered up to her mother.

She shared a photo of the voucher she had received and wrote: “Thanks a lot ScotRail for cancelling my 68 year old mum’s train, stranding her in Glasgow.

“£40 taxi to get home and £12 original fare and you refund her £1. Absolutely disgraceful.”
The picture shows the green travel voucher which was issued on March 30 with a value of £1.

Speaking today Yvonne said: “They didn’t supply buses and wouldn’t phone a taxi, she had to find a Glasgow taxi number herself.

“£1 because she’s a pensioner, my sister was with her and got £3 back.

“Seemingly the whole line was closed although there was buses laid on for people at the Edinburgh end.”

In response to ScotRail’s suggestion that they had only claimed back £1.50, she added: “Why would we only claim for £1.50? That’s ridiculous.”

Her sister, Claire, who had been with their mum in Glasgow added: “I’m not sure they have an explanation. It was more along the lines of good news here’s a voucher.

“They referred to it as a delay. It was cancelled, with no buses laid on.”

Facebook users were quick to slam the low compensation offer.

Adelle Watson wrote: “That’s disgusting. Should be ashamed of themselves.”

Jen Gray commented: “£1 refund, that’s disgraceful.”

Whilst Lesley Fraser added: “That is absolutely disgusting.”

A ScotRail Alliance spokeswoman said: “The Delay Repay scheme exists to refund customers for delays to their journeys and we actively encourage people who have been delayed to claim their rightful refund.

“There is a clear, easy to use claims form on our website and we can make refunds in a variety of methods.”


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